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Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. manufactures top notch vacuum cups for all CNC Routers.

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Please take a look at the videos for flat/grid tables, pod & rail machines and stone and glass routers.


Who We Are

BVC Group, Inc. (Better Vacuum Cups). With over 19 years’ experience in vacuum cup technology, as well as family in the woodworking machinery business dating back to the 1960’s, BVC has become the leader in aftermarket vacuum cups for the CNC wood routers. The game changing SS series of vacuum cups for the stone and glass industry is quickly becoming a strong force in the stone fabricator industry. We have been trusted by machine manufacturers, distributors and end users for more than a decade. BVC’s growth is continuous and the development of new products has never stopped since inception. With over 4,000 customers around the globe, BVC strives for customer satisfaction while standing by each product that goes through the door. Depending on your needs, it is likely the BVC products will last twice as long, hold material better and at the same time easier on your company’s bottom line. Change your game today.

Green BVC Vacuum Table Cups

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. provides top-notch Vacuum cups for CNC Routers, Flat Table Routers, and CNC Stone Machines backed by great customer support – a combination that can’t be beat! Through commitment, experience, and expertise Better Vacuum Cups Inc. has established a business relationship with their customers that lasts a lifetime!


More than 20 years working with Woodworking and Stone CNC Routers.

For CNC Woodworking

BVC cups have 30% better holding power and are a fraction of the cost over OEM, this is the cup for your machine. BVC rubber tops are also sectional, 2” parts are no problem on our 6” cup. Just use gasket material. BVC rubber tops are also thicker giving you over 10mm before you route into the plastic.

For CNC Stoneworking

Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. has brought their successful line of vacuum cups to stone and glass fabricators. BVC vacuum cups for stone are lighter in weight than other cups. They take less effort to place, less money to buy, and they hold your slabs tighter.

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Better Vacuum Cups, Inc. manufactures top notch vacuum cups for all CNC Flat Table Routers. We also manufacture vacuum cups for a variety of other concepts such as bench-top systems, point to point routers, as well as the stone industry.